About Us

Hi there! We’re Scott and Kim, proud parents of two awesome kids. When our little ones were growing up, we were all about making memories rather than splurging on fancy gifts. They got a few of those, too, but we really wanted them to cherish the moments we spent together as a family. From simple outings like ice skating or picnics at the playground to epic adventures like conquering zip line courses or hitting the waves on jet skis and all the amusement parks in between, we were all about creating those unforgettable experiences.

As our son grew older, he caught the music bug, when he discovered The Beatles. Suddenly, our family outings shifted to concerts and music festivals. Those were seriously good times because we all love music.

Now that our kids are off doing their own thing, we’re keeping memory-making a priority with just the two of us. That’s where this blog comes in. It’s our way of holding ourselves accountable, keeping the adventure alive, and staying connected in this new chapter of our marriage. Plus, we hope to inspire other couples to do the same!

So, check out our content by category, and let the inspiration flow!